Dr Helgi Johannsson

Welcome to the 39th Annual Academic Congress of the COAISL.

I see a packed programme with fantastic speakers and it is going to be some excellent learning experience. I wish that I could be in your beautiful country at this moment.

Last few years we all had our fair share of difficulties. I think Sri Lanka has had an unfair share of these. I hope and believe, that better times are ahead.

Globally, No one can deny that climate change is a reality and a potential catastrophe for humanity. The UK recorded 2022 as its hottest year. My home country Iceland, experience more and more glacial melting every year. I wish to draw your attention, towards the anaesthetists’ contribution to global warming and the way forward with our responsibility as anaesthetists in mitigating this catastrophe.

Thank you very much and have a great conference.

Dr Helgi Johannsson
Vice President RCoA
Royal College of Anaesthesiology, UK