Dr Nandika Wanigasinghe

Faculty of Critical Care Medicine is the chapter of the College of Anaesthesiologists and Intensivists of Sri Lanka, which is focused to uplift the services of intensive care medicine of the country.

Faculty is pledged to work on behalf of the critical care workforce in order to improve the quality of service by continuous education, acquiring new technology and ensuring measures to sustain uninterrupted service. The membership plays a critical role in developing national guidelines in collaboration with other professional bodies and authorities.

Our aims,

- To improve critical care services in Sri Lanka with the liaisons of National and international institutions and organisations.

- Empower the critical care work force through continuous education and training

- Ensure quality and safety of critical care services through implementing guidelines and policies

Through implementing above strategies, we wish to improve patient outcome and ensure their satisfaction.

Dr Nandika Wanigasinghe
Head Of Faculty, Critical Care Medicine
College of Anaesthesiologists and Intensivists of Sri Lanka