News Letter – November and December 2020


We are at the beginning of a new year which brings in a new Council. Corona is still with us, but we are learning to live with the menace, the vaccine shining a light at the end of the tunnel. An on-line Annual Sessions is to commence on the 23rd of January, the theme for 2021 being ‘Ensuring Safety and Quality through Education, Training and Capacity Building of Workforce’. Workshops on Low Flow Anaesthesia and Perioperative Ventilatory Strategies, Address Human Factors as a ‘Journey of Medical Errors’, Mechanical Ventilation : From Old Boundaries to New Frontiers and Obstetric Anaesthesia have been [...]

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Newsletter -August, September and October 2020


Another three months have passed since the last Newsletter. The COAISL has, during this period, recommenced teaching on-line for Part 1A and Part 1B, conducted a FACCT course, had ERC and other ALS courses, continued with the EPM workshops, had a workshop on nerve blocks, and had an ILS and anaphylaxis workshop. There are many other programmes that our members conducted, especially on world sepsis day. The COAISL conducted the monthly clinical meeting at the SLMA in October on the topic ‘McNamara Fallacy and Evidence Based Medicine’. The Council meetings have proceeded as usual, with the addition of on-line participation. We [...]

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News Letter – May/June 2020


March, April and May have been three very eventful months for all Sri Lankans and the whole world. COVID -19 - it took centre stage, and also took everyone by storm - governments, health authorities, individuals and associations like ours. Through it all we have arrived, borne the brunt of the storm and can be proud of our health services. We cannot be complacent - as the infection was evolving then, but is far from over now. We have had guidelines crises, PPE crises and drug crises to mention just a few of the issues that our members [...]

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NEWS LETTER – January/ February- 2020


The Annual General Meeting of the College of Anaesthesiologists and Intensivists of Sri Lanka was held on the 11th of January 2020. Following the address of the President, the Council for 2020 was appointed. A resolution for the establishment of a resuscitation council within the college was tabled. The changes to the articles of association are to be passed by the members at an extra ordinary general meeting and should be verified by the registrar of companies. An enthusiastic discussion followed on the subject of sub speciality training. Following this animated discussion, the following suggestions and queries were adopted by the [...]

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