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News Letter – May/June 2020


March, April and May have been three very eventful months for all Sri Lankans and the whole world. COVID -19 - it took centre stage, and also took everyone by storm - governments, health authorities, individuals and associations like ours. Through it all we have arrived, borne the brunt of the storm and can be proud of our health services. We cannot be complacent - as the infection was evolving then, but is far from over now. We have had guidelines crises, PPE crises and drug crises to mention just a few of the issues that our members [...]

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NEWS LETTER – January/ February- 2020


The Annual General Meeting of the College of Anaesthesiologists and Intensivists of Sri Lanka was held on the 11th of January 2020. Following the address of the President, the Council for 2020 was appointed. A resolution for the establishment of a resuscitation council within the college was tabled. The changes to the articles of association are to be passed by the members at an extra ordinary general meeting and should be verified by the registrar of companies. An enthusiastic discussion followed on the subject of sub speciality training. Following this animated discussion, the following suggestions and queries were adopted by the [...]

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