Applications are hereby called for the B S Perera Oration to be held at the sessions and the terms & conditions are as follows.

Terms and Conditions for the Oration:

  1. The lectureship is open to all members of the College of Anaesthesiologists & Intensivists of Sri Lanka.
  2. Five copies of the entire oration should be sent before 31st August 2017 to  The General Secretary, College of Anaesthesiologists of Sri Lanka and there Should not be any substantial alteration in the text when the lecture is finally delivered.
  3. Five copies of a brief resume of the salient points of the paper should also be submitted indicating any contribution to further advances in knowledge of the subject.
  4. The lecture should preferably not exceed 45 minutes.
  5. A committee of five will be nominated by the council to scrutinize papers submitted and to select a suitable candidate. This committee shall award the lectureship.
  6. The lecture should be related to anaesthesia and intensive care and should be based on the original work of the lecturer.
  7. In the event of the committee being unable to select a lecturer from the applicants, they may invite a lecturer of international repute to deliver the lecture.
  8. Press should not be invited and photographs and accounts of the lecture should not be published in the Newspapers, without the permission of the  College Council.
  9. Copyright of the oration belongs to the College of Anaesthesiologists &  Intensivists of Sri Lanka.

Yours Sincerely

Dr Loranthi Samarasinghe
Secretary, Scientific Affairs

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