We are at the beginning of a new year which brings in a new Council. Corona is still with us, but we are learning to live with the menace, the vaccine shining a light at the end of the tunnel.

An on-line Annual Sessions is to commence on the 23rd of January, the theme for 2021 being ‘Ensuring Safety and Quality through Education, Training and Capacity Building of Workforce’. Workshops on Low Flow Anaesthesia and Perioperative Ventilatory Strategies, Address Human Factors as a ‘Journey of Medical Errors’, Mechanical Ventilation : From Old Boundaries to New Frontiers and Obstetric Anaesthesia have been organized as Post Congress events on a virtual platform. The pageantry of the annual inauguration and sessions will be missed, but the quest for knowledge and training continue. The organizing committee is working enthusiastically to bring us a memorable Sessions 2021.

An eventful year comes to an end for the present Council. Along with the COAISL input for Covid management the focus of the President was the completion of the new premises at Rajagiriya. It was finally achieved, with a quiet opening ceremony on the 19th of December. A museum of anaesthetic equipment greets us at the entrance. The AGM is to be held at these new premises, but with a limited number of participants. We await the day when all our members can be invited for an event at our Rajagiriya College.

Academic Activities in November and December

The College FCCM with the Ministry of Health has commenced an on-line training programme in critical care for Resident House Officers. The skills training and assessment is to be done by our consultants.

The present Council hands over to the new Council on the 9th of January 2021, the AGM having been brought forward due to the annual sessions. We hope the College goes from strength to strength, ensuring Safety and Quality, having Overcome Challenges and Moved Forward.

A Happy and Peaceful New Year 2021 to all our members!