March, April and May have been three very eventful months for all Sri Lankans and the whole world. COVID -19 – it took centre stage, and also took everyone by storm – governments, health authorities, individuals and associations like ours.

Through it all we have arrived, borne the brunt of the storm and can be proud of our health services. We cannot be complacent – as the infection was evolving then, but is far from over now.

We have had guidelines crises, PPE crises and drug crises to mention just a few of the issues that our members faced. As always, time moves on, and now we face new challenges – postgraduate training and examinations, activation of annual transfers and a parliamentary election in the near future.

The College Council has had two council meetings for the months of May and June. We have embarked on zoom meetings and zoom classes for 1B. The FPM has commenced pain lectures for the nursing officers through zoom, while many hospitals have commenced the teaching of critical care for non ICU nurses – a programme initiated by the FCCM. The WCR has begun the ALS courses, and many of our members have recommenced teaching programmes within their own hospitals. We are slowly but surely getting back to the ‘new normal’

There will be a few changes to our College Calendar. It was decided to postpone the Academic Sessions scheduled for 2021, as travel restrictions and economic constraints will both hinder the organization of such an event. The induction of the new president will be held January 2021. The induction ceremony will coincide with the Dr Thistle Jayawardena Oration. We hope to be able to conduct the workshops with the help of our local faculties, and will need to draw on the expertise and enthusiasm of the membership.

Our members have taken to zoom as ducks to water, with a few technical difficulties but no major casualties! We hope to continue the 1A and 1B classes in this on-line mode, and thank all lecturers for their enthusiasm.

The move to the new premises has taken a step back, but the Council is working hard to get back on track. We still hope the next Annual General Meeting can be held in new premises, and we will all have a new functioning building to call our own.

Please send in any material that can be included in this bi-monthly newsletter. We would like to hear from you.

The management strategy of the Government and the Ministry of Health that helped contain the COVID -19 pandemic in Sri Lanka.